Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, im not a fan of my blog. I keep trying to convince myself to keep it, but my life is so lame from day to day that I really haven't gotten that much to write about. I remember the days of xanga and how much i wrote on that thing - man, i was a bloggin' fool! haha - now, i feel like a lone ranger in a world full of babies and photography gurus. 

I will keep it, cause like i told my dear (ex) co-worker, the day i deleted that xanga a wave of regret hit me so hard, i felt like i had just thrown away 3 years worth of journals! So no matter how lame it is right now, im hoping for more to start going on in my life - and i think either way, one day i'll look back and laugh at these random entries. :) besides - its a good way to share a little bit of me with you  - even if it is rare and sometimes slightly boring! haha

As for today - Im going to go walk around the mall with Topher and Ryan. Woooo

Oh and im on the last Twilight book - (finally) and i can't even begin to express to you how much i hate this series! lol Loved the first book and kinda liked the second, the third got a little old and now the fourth is just twisted and dragging on for eternity! I think Bella Swan is so dumb. She should have been with Jacob to start with. Just a little thought of mine. As soon as this series ends, im not sure i'll ever start something i dont want to finish again (as far as books are concerned). haha

miss and love

Friday, January 16, 2009

Skiing, Concerts and Oh, so much snow!!

This is our little fox that would visit us in Crested Butte - just so beautiful!
This is the view from our Crested Butte condo - looks fake, its so beautiful!

This is the "Wildflower"  - where we stayed in Breckenridge. I took this pic from the other side of the street - but it looks like an add. haha

Think its time to post something else.. .

I kinda lost touch with the whole blogging thing.. but I thought I might as well just make it into a journal of things i'm doing, or want to do - more for myself than anyone. Just so I can look back and read it later. 

I can't believe I will have been here for 5 months on January 25th!! Thats longer than any trip - including study abroad, that i've ever been on! I can't deny that i've had my moments when I've been ready to pack it up and come back home - but, I really do love this place. How can you not look out at the mountains and be thankful? But what I love most - is the environmental friendliness of this place! I've never seen so many trails anywhere - right outside my door! And everyone wants to be organic and exercise outside and recycle and drive hybrid cars and there is no limit to their cause. I love it! Only negative: My family is much, MUCH to far away. I miss them so much!

Anywho - I went to a concert last night in Boulder and it was awesome! Katie Herzig and Griffin House played at the b.side lounge and they were excellent! I even stood next to Katie's mom in line and got to talk to her for a bit - she was really down to earth. (Not sure what i expected her to be.... but still - very cool moment!) :)  

The weekend before I got to go to Crested Butte with some friends and ski. I had such a good time!! And it was possibly one of the most beautiful sites i've ever seen - overlooking the snowy mountain village! The most magical scene i've ever seen! A few weeks before that I got to tag along with some friends to Breckenridge! It was amazing - as you can see from the pic above, we stayed in the cutest loft ever - right on Main street, above a gift shop! I have been SO lucky to have great friends who stay in the coolest places ever! 

Anywho - im doing good here. If i could just get a job outside of this house - i would be doing EVEN better! :) 

Love and miss you all - ALL! xoxoxo