Sunday, November 30, 2008


Any minute now our new niece, Taylor Elizabeth Stroud will be born and she couldn't be any more on time!! Today was her original due date and Jan's water broke at 1:30 AM!! We have been here since about 3:30 AM in the waiting room at the hospital. Mom is excited and keeps going back to check - we've been joking that she is going to hide under Jan's hospital bed just so she can be in the room when Taylor has her first cry!! LOL The news is that any minute now Jan will be giving birth to our new baby girl!! We couldn't be happier! Especially ME - i am supposed to fly out at 3:40 this afternoon, to go back to Colorado, and i thought i was going to miss the birth completely!! As i started to fall asleep last night i was praying to the Lord that Jan would have Taylor - and God is good - Mom came in my room at 2:15 to tell me it was GO time! :) Getting to hold Taylor in my arms before i leave is worth more than any sleep i could have gotten or shower i need to take! ;) Im already looking forward to coming home for Christmas!!

Too bad Uncle Colin is in Arkadelphia preaching at our church and we had to leave him to come up here. We wish he was here with us - as do we wish every one of our south african (and Tennessee) cuzzies were here as well!

SOON and VERY soon!! Praise the Lord!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Im coming HOME! in 3 days and i can't wait to....

Hug and kiss my family!
Hold Karoline!!
Rub Jans tummy (TAYLOR!!)
Meet my newest Niece!! (fingers crossed and prayers answered!)
Pick up Dad from the airport
Spend QT with each one of my sisters and parents and bro in laws and niece(s!)
Throw a babyshower for Brittany Weeks
Hang with Maggie
Shadow Dr. Hankins
Get my hair cut
Eat THANKSGIVING at Barri and Justins house!!
Go walking with Bitty!
Have a game night
Play Nertz
Count my blessings
Make future plans... ;)

hope i can fit it all in!! lol

I can't wait to love on my family!! - in just 3 days!! xoxoxox