Thursday, September 11, 2008

That Ain't Cornbread, Sister!

Discalimer: this whole post is upside down and backwards.. i apologize... i'll fix it later. But for now, i have to go clean up 10lbs of moon-sand from the kitchen table. I am so OCD sometimes, it makes me a nervous wreck to have all that mess just out and about. haha

Say Hi to the Incredible Hulk!

Once upon a time i used to be able to cook... apparently that talent has left me lately.... and im left with things that look like this...

Thats no cornbread, sister. those are chocolate chip muffins... 

Its the inside that counts, ok!? ;) The Incredible Hulk, i mean, Topher, liked them! 

Monday, September 8, 2008

5:30 am

So Kaci and I started working out together today at 5:30 am - I can't lie, it was hard to get out of bed, since it was like 45 degrees this morning and i was still sore from power pump on saturday.But its nice to get it out of the way so early! 
Anywho - All of the above is just crazy. But here's to losing the weight! :) holla

Friday, September 5, 2008

There are days i wake to peace i can't explain..

Lately i've been listening to an extra lot of Tyler James music. haha (surprising, i know!) But this song, "Go Down To The Garden" says it all for me right now (give or take a few parts of the song).  My life has changed a lot lately, in little and big ways - and its only going to continue to change - - and though it may seem like too much to take in at times... especially when i realize my family is not with me... there is still this peace that wakes me up each morning, and carries me gently through my days. I've dreamed of moving to somewhere, anywhere -for years - and somehow God allowed this move to work out after trying so many different times. He must have something for me here - and though i've left behind family and friends and the comforts of 'home' - it remains that i have a purpose here - what it is, i have yet to find out. But i sense it. I anticipate it!  But the one thing that keeps me going is the constant reminder that my love for my family and my friends only continues to grow from far away. In fact, it feels deeper, more necessary, more deliberate. Even if this journey im on only exists to increase my love, i am happy to be on it. Even when i can't see your face, you're in my heart.  - and my your voice is sweeter to me than ever. So called, "hard times" don't mean 'bad times'... I think it means growth - in life and in love and in character. So im taking these times, and im loving them - each one - whether they are weird, or "hard" or "crazy", or just wonderfully amazing - and im living them out with all my heart! "wheresoever you go, ... go with all your heart."... and my heart is full - with love for each of you... 

There are days I wake to peace I can't explain that comes and carries me
And the plans I made when I was young have only left me
Distracted from all the many things I'd never change
It's no use trying to rearrange what's come and gone

Go down to the garden and see the things we've planted
Up from all that's withered, though often took for granted,
Grows flowers we've not planted... reminding me

In a photograph, there's a quiet country house with windows facing west
And I'm standing with a girl that's come to walk beside me
And when the leaves fall gently down upon her golden hair
I'll take her to the alter stairs and say, "I'm yours"

Go down to the garden and see the things we've planted
Up from all that's withered, though often took for granted
Grows flowers we've not planted... reminding me

our love will grow
our love will grow